Release week

This week is going to be crazy. At first release, it was awesome and very exciting when status of review changed from “Waiting” to “Ready”. But then begins so massive socialisation and i find many cool people with similar interests. Thats so cool. And all this good people made real beta-testing and vote with $ for my first App. Thats greatest time in my creator-life, Deregulatof finds many good reviews and community make couple of great videos of interface, my Soundcloud just blowing up with listeners and people like Deregulator, that is most important part of the process. I realise that interface is little bit confusing and glad to improve it with the next update, add some useful functions and correct some parts. Deregulator is unique product and it must have cool GUI, guys from Discchord scolded me for the cause, have nothing against, quite bold folder for update of is planned, is not excluded that I rewrite part of the program again. It would be 2.0 version and i already start work on it.

Let me post here some links to cool resources that notice Deregulator in web.

And this amazing review in US-AppStore written by Jordan Rudess

Thinking outside the box ★★★★★

by Keywiz – Version 1.0 – Jun 8, 2014

Attention sonic explorers! This app allows you to journey into unusual and very cool sonic territory. Trippy, spacey, interesting and different is guaranteed. Unusual results will arise from Deregulator. Unfortunately there is not a working web link to the developer. I would personally like to contact him to chat. I love when people use iOS In interesting new ways. Check this app out! Oh- and make sure your output volume is turned up in the top right grey box!!! Jordan Rudess Wizdom Music

And others

Use to Great Effect ★★★★

by polarpaul – Version 1.0 – Jun 10, 2014

The app is very handy with lots of options and the different effects clustered together by color. The ability to randomize settings within a range and see them is nice. With this app you can take some relatively tame sounds and tear them up or you can produce subtle alterations. There is also feedback protection so if you suddenly lose sound while playing something, readjust your input and output levels. CONS Moving down the screen can be touchy to do so without changing settings. It’d be nice to be able to name presets and have all of the effect boxes on one screen.

Sounds sick ★★★★★

by DasDaa – Version 1.0 – Jun 9, 2014

This make from sound bloody mess sometimes. If you add some reverse thing i buy it again. Dreddgudrdrattalattat


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