About Deregulator

What if i tell you, that now you can grab sound-flows and bend it to unusual knots realtime. Yes, this little app is mighty sound-warping machine. You say “Hello” and Deregulator makes it like “e-E’-Hololle-HhEh-e”, for example. But what people are saying?

– This app allows you to journey into unusual and very cool sonic territory. Trippy, spacey, interesting and different is guaranteed. (Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater, Wizdom Music)

 – If you like creating experimental soundscapes or electronic ambient music then I suspect you might have a lot of fun experimenting with Deregulator. (John Walden, Musicappblog)

– I was playing with this a lot yesterday and liked the results. The UI isn’t exactly pretty either. Those problems aside, this is at least doing something new that we haven’t had in app form before.(Tim Webb, Discchord)

– Your app is mental, I love it. Glad to see someone pushing the boundaries of what can be done on iOS. (Sean Garland, iOS MARS)

Deregulator its a mini-processor with 3 fx modules, Echo, Delay and Reverb, to dive deep see full instructions on ckek.ru now i just announce that Deregulator can randomise every parameter of all fx dynamically and constantly between some certain limits. Better one time listen for results on soundcloud.com/ash-daa then read this boring explanations. But if you want to read :)

On output we have wide effects range from simple mono echo/delay/reverb and combinations to near live granulation, remains of sounds create nebula around original input and like morning mist its blurring and smudging sound into scape of something new, vibrant and beautiful (degree of beautifulness depends on what you feed in app).
Bit of terminology for this particular case:
– Delay just repeat sound pieces and size of every piece can be randomised, it chops and remixs original sound into sometimes very glitchy, if delay parameters receive random values. Share delay-parameter with Echo.
– Echo behaves like a usual delay pedal for guitar unless you start randomising delay and feedback parameters.
– Reverb have four parameters, room size, damping, damping frequency and wetness of output. Off course all of them are randomisible.
Randomising its a root of conception in this little app.

Attention! In this version was removed Anti-Loud block and now no one cares about sound bursts, be careful with feedback, sends and room size. If sound out of control its probably one of those parameters. Use headphones, iRig-like interfaces or Audiobus, its effect app and feedbacks are possible if you use iDevice mic and speaker.

Always read manuals, Deregulator is not a toy, its a serious instrument in right hands, but also its a lot of fun with sound-morphing in casual style when lectors voice becomes a chopped mess of sentences and glitchy alphabet soup, for example. Try MessAll button to achieve some settings, maybe you will get something cool :)

If you have troubles – contact me before review in store, i appreciate this move. App not so easy to understand even with new straight interface, but if you play with it little it becomes a good friend in sound-mutation. We can meet at facebook.com/ckek.ru, twitter and reddit @ashshaosh or vk.com/ckek_ru if you prefer so.

Feature list:
+ Three linked effect module (Echo, Delay and Reverb)
+ Randomisers for every parameter of this effects
+ Ability to randomise all parameters at once
+ Recording of affected audio to wav
+ Share files to iTunes, AudioCopy 2, AudioShare
+ Audiobus and IAA of course
+ Full featured preset system for app states and MIDI settings
+ Subdivisions randomiser
+ Randomiser for randomisers
+ Stereo/mono output

Feature updates:
+ Performance-like mode
+ Horisontal layout for iPad
and more

This version runs on iOS 7, 8 and 6 (without Audiobus)
Deregulator needed ~100mb ram and more power in heart and iPhone 5/iPod5 is recommended as low-row hardware to work comfortably.

Have fun and make some noise %)

Listen some recordings.
Screenshots of interface.


Please landscape mode for iPad . It a pain to be switching around.

Off course landscape mode is in development :)

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