Open beta-test for new app Deregulator.

Deregulator it’s a mini-processor of stereo effects with Echo, Delay and Reverberator.
How it sounds like? Lets walk together to the border that splits effects from synthesisers where only granular with live input lives and question this line, she is exist? You must play with it or go to soundcloud for examples.
Go to look at manual if needed and detailed description.
Feature list:
  • Three linked effect module (Echo, Delay and Reverb)
  • Randomisers for every parameters of this effects
  • Ability to randomise all parameters at once
  • Recording of affected audio to wav
  • Share files to iTunes, AudioCopy 2, AudioShare
  • Audiobus
  • 25 non factory presets slots
  • Stereo/mono

Listen for live examples how it sounds like you can on Soundcloud

Join to beta-testers you can with testflight. App not adapted for iPads but run on this type of hardware is important too, because next version would be universal.

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